Japanese Calligraphy, Shodo lessons

Are you looking for shodo lessons near Nagoya? Our shodo artist provides you with both regular shodo lessons and one-time shodo experience for tourists from abroad.


Artist (shodo-ka)

Ms. Masayo Tokuda, our shodo (Japanese calligraphy) master was born in 1959 in Ichinomiya City. She still lives in her born place. She started to learn calligraphy when she was a five-year old. Since then, she has been practicing shodo and won several prizes in Japan. Her art works can be purchased here on shodo.jp.

Shodo is an art to express one's thoughts, emotions and messages in the form of characters and words. It is important to select the best combination of pen, paper, ink, style, etc. to reflect what is to be expressed. In our shodo lessons, Ms. Tokuda instructs you how to write Japanese calligraphy.

This movie shows Ms. Tokuda practicing shodo on a large paper. You can actually experience this!

Calligraphy (shodo lessons) classes

Each class takes about one hour for a person. Several persons can practice together. However, it usually takes more time if there are more people.

The price of a class is 5,000 yen (excluding tax) per person. This includes tuition fee, writing consumable (ink and paper), use of facility and other materials. The class typically takes for one to two hours.

There are several classes available.

  • Large paper writing
    Like the video above, you write your favorite letters on a large paper. Unfortunately, there is no frame available for this size of paper. You have to take your art works folded.
  • Scroll writing
    You write your favorite letters on 24cm x 34 cm paper, and insert your art work in a hanging scroll, like the right photo.
  • Square board writing
    You write your favorite letters on an almost square (24cm x 27cm) paper board. We provide a simple frame or a hanging scroll for the paper board.
  • Special courses
    Special courses such as professional lessons are available upon requests. The price for special courses may differ from other preset courses.

If you are interested in our Japanese Calligraphy lessons, please contact us by e-mail.